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Did at least one 1-foot spin in front of Tony! Hooha! I'm glad I can say that because it makes me feel good even though I actually feel really crappy right now. My computer broke on Tuesday. It won't start up. Might have been a virus, but I am taking it to mes amis to have them do a full diagnostic. I'd imagine I'll need a new OS, which won't cost that much. I don’t care much about not having it, except it's given that you have one when you're in school. Someday I won't have either a car or a computer and perhaps then I will be able to actually relax (doubtful).

I intended to go skate today but I think I need to take care of some stuff first, then do my reading, and really go to bed early. Even though the tiredness is not from getting to bed too late, it’s because I’m not looking forward to anything I have to do during the day. I wonder how long I will be in this mode.
mocking me!


More or less resigned to being tired all the time, I went skating and felt dead on ice after a half an hour. There weren't many people there, two ice dancer regulars, Chris, and I. I need to give my legs a break, but I also want to skate while I feel like I have the time after summer session. Ay.

Texted my brother while the Zamboni was cleaning up the ice to see if he could provide a convenient excuse for not skating the next session. "Sacrifice for your art!" he said. So I stayed and practiced my inside 3s which are still unsatisfactory, although I am able to sometimes get a real edge coming out of them. Also may have done a couple of revolutions of a 1-footed spin, which I really am very excited about. Feels like I have crested a hurdle on them.
mocking me!


Skated the later midday session and the session after. It takes a long time to go over everything I have to practice. Worked more on power pulls. After a bit a bunch of able skaters cruised on the ice and essentially dominated the rink as they often do. I figured they were just members of the St. Moritz club that I hadn't seen around and that they were just killing time before their freestyle session since none of them were in practice gear. By the end of the session I was wondering if I shouldn't leave since I was feeling kinda pukey, but decided I need to work more on my backward power pulls, inside 3 turns, alternating 3-turns, jumps and spins, so I stuck around.

A few mintutes into the second session, while I was just doing backward laps, I looked over to the skate rental and saw a certain flame-haired bunny. We looked at each other for a second longer than people who don't know each other tend to, so I was pretty sure it was actually Sean. He stood out in the lobby talking to a few people for a while and I just kept on skating. After the session I went over to the NHL rink to see if he was practicing there, but he wasn't so I bailed. I had a text from Roxanne asking if I'd seen him, and that Skate San Francisco was this weekend. Guess I'll check that out this weekend.
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Went for the late afternoon session today. I feel like I've gotten much better at my outside edges because Tony gave me something I could visualize while I was doing half circles. Can also now do better left inside 3 turns although for some reason my body just doesn't want to swing my right leg behind when I do it. Happens when I try backward power pulls, too. Weird.
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Lesson with Tony. I don't know if he said something of if I did something, but I felt pretty good for the first time in days. I was able to do some crossovers without lifting my foot over, so maybe that was why. You really do go really fast that way.
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Skated the later midday session and the long session after that. Just spent the time warming up and getting my ice legs back. Anna joined me for the second session. Tired as usual.
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Was down in San Diego for a week in between summer and fall semesters and only got in one skating session. Went to the Mira Mesa rink and it was crowded and annoying because of all the kids there demanding to be entertained. The lights would go down and kids would scream and there was the ice cube mascot dancing on the ice and limbo and all of that jazz and the ice was all torn up anyway. But I still got in some practice and I can still do what I wish I'd had more time to practice this last month. Ay. Can't wait till I'm done with school forever.
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Lesson with Tony. Remarks of note:

"I agree, you can't do a left inside 3 turn very well." (After crashing while doing one, having just told him "I can't do a left one off the wall.")

I was super super mega mega stressed today. So when I got off the bus and was walking to the rink I was just saying to myself "Hey. It's your lesson today. Don't cry." And I didn't, so that's a relief. (God damn, I'm watching Superman as part of my Film class final, and the theme is so fantastic it gave me chills. You should go watch it now.) I feel bad that I haven't been able to practice as much with school, but I'll practice every day next week, even though the public sessions in San Diego are $11.


I don't usually skate on the weekends, but a new _skater (thedaytheystop) who actually skates has moved into the area and wanted to meet up. So we skated the 7:15 sesh. It wasn't that bad, maybe most of the kiddies have gone home by then. Worked more on power 3s, and also with Anna's help actually managed some crosscut back crossovers. Hooha!