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Searching for the next elevator of destiny

Late Nats Report



Got to San Jose Thursday evening, after being whined at to get there as quickly as possible by countrakoczy and thedaytheystop, because they wanted to skate with Johnny Weir at Downtown Ice and had left their skates in my car and somehow that made it my problem. (Why, yes, I do put the "surly" in "#RoomSurly") Since the best way to get me to go slow is to ask me to go fast, I still went to class as I had planned, but we got out early and traffic wasn't terrible, so I pulled up around ~6:30. We skated on the same "ice" as Johnny Weir. Really it was just a bizarre portable rink with a central circle and 4 rings. The ring parts were totally dry and hazardous and bumpy, and the circle had a huge puddle covering most of it. Used the lavatory at the Fairmont hotel and saw Isabella Cannuscio there. Ladies short was uneventful.


Woke up and walked over to the Fairmont to get my ticket for the Michelle Kwan HOF Reception, hereafter referred to as "Kwanfest." Saw her as I walked through the lobby.

Dance short - What is there to say? We all knew Merlie were going to kill it and they did. We were up in the nosebleed seats so I didn't notice the double ponytails.

Men's short - Aw, Ricky. You know, I wasn't sure about the 2011-12 season until I saw Ricky's short at SkAm. I really, really like it and hope I get to see it again someday. He's a good guy.

Went to the Kwanfest. Full of people and had real food, though it was overcatered, especially since everyone there was feeling like they couldn't pig out on beef because they were sharing company with so many very skinny people. Frank, Scoot, Sarah Hughes, Karen Kwan, Todd Eldridge, Peggy Fleming, and many others were there. Saw Sean, too, but he was talking to a bunch of people so I didn't go say "Hi." The ceremony didn't start until about an hour into the reception. Then there was literally a full hour of speeches. I wound up standing next to Jeremy's mom who was not wearing her sling. During the speeches, there was a crash behind me and I heard someone say that someone was having a seizure. (Was there something in the air in San Jose that was catching? First this, then Jeremy's stepdad.) When I got to the event, I was given 2 drink tickets and while I was standing around I found 4 more. However, the bars closed and I was only able to redeem 2 anyway.



Saturday antics that I remember:
Yelled "Go Bears!" after Rachel's freeskate (when she put on the Stanfurd hat), even though earlier I had wished her good luck from Cal. I don't actually have an investment in the school rivalry.
Went over to see the Top 4 Men after the SP. Jeremy recognizes us and seemed to be up for a chat (“It seems like all we ever talk about is traffic and school.”). Ross told me I had a fancy water bottle, and I tried to explain the mechanics of my delightfully portable loose leaf tea cup, but we were hustled through by the Nats staff people.
Got a Jer hug, which is good, because I did not get one as he took his victory lap after the medal ceremony.

Went wandering around for the HoF induction because they showed the same video at the Kwanfest. Saw Johnny walking around with Tara and someone else on the way back my our seats, but recalled that countrakoczy and thedaytheystop wanted him to autograph their skates. So I followed him to be able to relay the information. Anna had to go get her friend, so I said I'd take her boot over there. Johnny (who always surprises me by being 1000x cuter in person) said Anna's boot was big. I told him that Anna was very tall. He had spiked shoes on. I told him they were cool and he said they were for protection, like he told PC later on.

Sunday antics I remember:

Saw Keegan Messing jogging around the concourse early Sunday morning when we got up hella early (not even saying that ironically) to watch the Men's FS practice. He is incredibly short. Incredibly.
Visited the Merlie signing to help other _sers take photos. Ricky appeared, getting some person's kid's skates signed by everyone at the table. He walked over to me and asked me to follow him. So I did and I hung around while he took pictures and signed autographs. In between we talked, mainly about Cal and a mutual acquaintance we have. Tammy called him and told him he had to eat lunch, so we bid adieu until the next time we run into each other. Roxanne was nowhere to be found because she had her phone turned off.
Managed to finagle 2nd and 3rd row seats for the Men's FS from a woman I met at the SkAm Friends of Figure Skating breakfast. We moved down there for the last group of Men's right as her friends were coming down to take their seats. They asked me if I had purchased those seats and I said I hadn't, but that I knew the woman they belonged to, and she told me we could sit there. I guess I passed some sort of test of character and they were chill with us for the rest of the time.
Honestly, the most I remember about Jeremy's program (I was a little in another place) was that when he had just taken the ice after Adam's skate, he was smiling. Then after the awkward landing of the triple loop and the doubled salchow, he had this goofy look on his face right afterward like “Whoops, won't do that again.” Argh, that man.

Until Omaha 2013. Long live #RoomSurly!

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