Searching for the next elevator of destiny (elevatorshaker) wrote,
Searching for the next elevator of destiny

A conversation less than 2 minutes old

Grandmere: What are you planning to do this evening?
Me: I'm going skating with a friend of mine.
Grandmere: Is it that handsome devil in my picture of you?
Me: Unfortunately, no. (Not that there's anything wrong with you, thedaytheystop)


Skated the earlier afternoon session. Practiced mainly waltz jumps, and I can either get height or distance, not both. I was planning on staying for the session after, but had to go pick something up. On my way out, I saw Laney, Janelle, and another girl whose name I don't know from the skating club. Laney is competing in a tournament on Halloween weekend.


Skating DeCal had another guest speaker. Jessica Gaynor, the VP of USFSA came in and gave a very educational and dry lecture of the judging system. She explained what the judges do versus what the technical panels do, and what they're looking for throughout the program and how each assign points.


Lesson with Tony. Practiced my back crossovers. I called them the bane of my existence because I was feeling especially dramatic. It's not that I can't do them, it's that I can't do them right.
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