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Searching for the next elevator of destiny


I've been skating pretty often lately, but lagging on journal entries. In return, I shall include a bit about my skating DeCal class, since things there are beginning to pick up.


No skating, but went to figure skating DeCal and it was pretty interessant.

He had quite a few stories about life in skating. He started skating at 11, swore he would make it to the Olympics (and thought he could meet girls because he still thought he was straight), and did pretty well, although obviously did not make it to the Olympics after all. The last time he went to Nationals I think he came in 11, but he was also coaching two women, who came in 5th and 6th or something, so he switched to coaching. He said once you were in the world of figure skating there's no way out and it will eat your life forever, but that it's also all amazing.

He said that book that came out last decade (On Edge?) was totally true. He suspected Timmy Goebel sabotaged him (this was tongue-in-cheek). He said he's been around the world a bunch of times and usually on someone else's dollar. He said he was excited to go to Beijing, and finally went there in 2009 and it sucked. I guess Beijing agreed with Ricky Dornbush, though, because they're scheduled to go back and Ricky is excited to go shopping again even though the people trying to hawk knock-off goods are pushy and intimidating (“$200? This is fake!” “I have children to feed!” “It's not even worth $10!” “Think of my children!”). Justin thinks there is something wrong with him. Anyway, I stepped away from the evening with his phone number (Justin's, not Ricky's, so don't get excited, certain person whose name I'm not naming :P) in my pocket and now I need to think up something to call and ask him. Any ideas?


Skated each and every day.


Supposed to have a lesson today, but I screwed up and Tony and I had to reschedule for next week. Tuesday and Wednesday are my Hell Days of having no downtime.


Notes from DeCal: another guest speaker, Phillip, whom I've seen a ton of times at OIC. He recognized me. He had a Powerpoint slideshow of skating moves, and I paid really close attention to the jumping section and now I think I can tell a lutz and a flip which are really the same jump just taking off from a back outside and inside edge, respectively. Phillip has been skating since he was 6, I think, and has passed all of his tests so he's a senior level skater. He's also a judge. Figure skating really is a little world.


Skated an abbreviated afternoon session today doing really easy stuff since I am recovering from food poisoning. Awesome. Just rolled out of bed a little before 3AM yesterday morning a retching mess and spent the rest of the day a wretch-ed mess. I wasn't nauseated anymore, but as my total caloric intake yesterday was about 400, my cells had no electrolytes to keep them firing and nothing to metabolize even if they had, so all I did was skate around in a circle. And yet, I did a mohawk and a little girl said “I like your skating trick.” Thaaaaaanks, little skating girl, I'm sorry I was in terrible shape and couldn't muster anything cooler, not that my usual is really all that cool to begin with.
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