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Computer is back and really better than ever since I have shed the crap that is Windows Vista for Windows 7. Didn't even lose any data, either. Every morning, when I turn on my computer, I say “Good morning, Stephane!” since that was the name of our connection back at my former apartment and I was greeting it. Lately I've just been saying it to my desktop picture, which is us in the Marriott lobby, has been for nearly a year, and will be until another adorable picture of us can replace it. My grandma has this picture stuck in her mirror and as she is fond of telling me that every morning as she's doing her hair or something she'll look at it and think "Oh, it makes me so happy to see my beautiful granddaughter standing next to such a handsome young man!" My dad said it looks like I'm so happy and Steph's looking surprised because I'm grabbing his ass. In the full pic you can clearly see both of my hands, so either the picture is cropped or he's just doing it to bother me.

Skated the later midday session. Kinda nice and easy, since I hadn't been on the ice since last Tuesday. Went pretty well, although I've lost a bit of my spin edge. But I'm okay, since now I know I can do it. Since the kids have started back to school it was really quite deserted, which was awesome. Hope it stays like that forever. I worked on my waltz jump today since I've been remiss and may have gotten a little bit better at it. Saw a girl from the Cal figure skating club named Daisy. She hasn't skated since December and is a beginner, too. We determined that she is a clockwise spinner, though.


I worked on my 3-turns both ways. It was almost totally empty, save for 2 other people.


Basically made the whole day warm up for my lesson tomorrow. Really empty again, just me and a handful of other people again.


Lesson with Tony. Worked on spins more (still not great but I can still do the occasional 1-footed one) and jumps more. I really really really need to sit back on my blade more, because that makes my back outside edges... exist.
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